Here you can find some testimonials from people who worked with me.

Your feedback is very important to me, so I would like to thank you for sharing it with me to celebrate together your success and also keep growing and developing myself as a coach. You can find below some of my clients´ testimonials, how they felt working with me and how they achieved their goals.

Would you like to achieve your goals same as they did?

“The support and attention that Joaquín has shown during our time working together is admirable. His talent for the empathetic listening and his capacity of elaborating significant questions have been very valuable for allowing myself to establish and implement clear, measurable and realistic goals. His genuine presence has helped me build a more positive and independent perception of myself. It´s a pleasure for me to recommend Joaquín with total security”.

Pedro L.

“I will never be more grateful to a person than to Joaquín. There are moments in life when you feel “misplaced” because of a situation you don´t know how to handle. I found the perfect guidance with him. A support that ended with excellent results that I still apply nowadays. I can only say: THANK YOU!!!!”.

Maribel L.

“The coaching process with Joaquín meant to me learning how to listen to myself. Before the process, I was really stressed at work and, instead of stopping and taking my time to know how to manage the situation, I used to feel overwhelmed and blocked. After our sessions together, I learned how to prioritize at any time, and I also learned that the limits are put by oneself. Joaquín helped me listen to me and understand my situation to become aware that I was the one able to find the solution to my own problems. It was a pleasure sharing those moments with Joaquín as he makes opening yourself very easy”.

Laura M.

“Working with Joaquín meant discovering the potential I had. The coaching process allowed me to make decisions about my life in a moment when everything seemed to be a mess. Thanks to the tools Joaquín facilitated to me, I could have a greater knowledge about my ambitions and desires, together with the steps I had to follow to achieve them. The most important thing was discovering what my core values were, as that helped me understand what things were aligned with my principles, being able to analyze the life factors that weren´t aligned with my values in that moment to be able to work on them. With Joaquín as a coach, I felt I was constantly supported through my self-discovery process with reflective questions, exercises to define my objectives or dynamics to facilitate the visualization of situations I was living from a different perspective. I felt very comfortable and understood. I´m grateful that I wasn´t judged at any moment and I´m also thankful with Joaquín for his effort on helping me and looking for different tools to accompany me through my self-knowledge process”.

Lorena V.

“Starting the coaching process was useful for me to materialize with words, understand and find practical solutions to a problem I wanted to solve for a long time, not being able to know how to manage it. The most important thing about the process was learning how to change the attitude I had by default to be able to deal with overwhelming situations, managing them in a more positive way. Joaquín helped me achieve my goals with questions that made me see my objective from a totally different perspective. That helped me step out of my comfort zone to deal with deeply rooted fears and obstacles. With Joaquín as a coach, I felt supported and calmed at any moment due to his great professionalism. The techniques we worked with were very constructive and a great learning that can be extrapolated to other day by day areas. It was a very positive and rewarding process”.

Silvia C.

“The process of coaching with Joaquín for me meant getting my life back on track, learning how to manage impulses and emotions and how to handle my mind in general. The most important thing I learnt or got from coaching with him was how to analyse my behavior before I embark on undertaking that behavior. The process I went through with Joaquín changed the way I look at myself, the things I do and the world around me. I am truly a better person and more importantly happier with myself because of those sessions with him. He helped me complete my objective, which was in principle to beat an addiction. As a result of that, my smaller goals and objectives are and have been easier to obtain because I reached firstly my most important objective. The sessions with Joaquín were very comfortable. He is a laid back guy with a natural ability for understanding and also making people feel at ease when rifling through their deepest secrets and problems, so I really felt I could talk about anything with him, no matter how sensitive or “silly” I thought the subject matter was”.

Jaime P.

Irene M.

“I decided to begin a coaching process with Joaquín because I wanted and knew that I had to make some radical changes in my life, but I was feeling that everything was so huge and I didn´t know where to start either the steps to take. Today I can say that, thanks to his support, little by little, I started to find the right way making my own decisions, which is something I wasn´t able to do before I met him. I would like to thank you Joaquín for teaching me how to trust and believe in myself, and for transmitting me so much peace and calmness”.

David Q.

“I´ve performed two different coaching processes with Joaquín and I would like to share my personal experience. Joaquín accompanies you in a deep and intense journey as much as you are willing to search within yourself. He provides you the needed tools to be able to perform that journey, although I also continue using many of them as of today. That´s why I consider those tools a gift. The coaching processes provided me two main “supportive stones” for necessary moments, but I also managed to get much more from that. I learned that every day is valuable and allows me to perceive and manage emotions and sensations from a different perspective. I found a way to communicate with myself and understand myself. During both processes, I felt very comfortable and supported. I saw Joaquín engaged at any time during my coaching processes. I have no doubts that, in case of needing it, I will work with him again”.

Elena G.

“Joaquín is a great professional and a wonderful person. Thank you for all your dedication to help people´s minds that are not going through good times. Thank you for teaching me to love and value myself, to let things go, to go with the flow and to enjoy little things in life. Starting the coaching sessions with you was one of the best decisions I´ve ever made in my life. Thank you”.

María M.

“The coaching process with Joaquín was a journey to clarify my ideas and get answers to the problems I had. For me, the most important thing about the process was learning that I was the one who had the answers, not depending on anyone to find happiness. Through questions that you usually ignore or think that are obvious, Joaquín knew how to guide me through a new vision of potential solutions. What I really liked about working with Joaquín was his attention, sincerity, efficacy and deepness to address my issues. It´s not easy to guide your own life in difficult moments so reminding yourself that you can change and improve what´s bothering you is a gratifying sensation”.

Adrián J.

“At first, I didn´t know anything about what a coaching process was and, sincerely, from the beginning I thought it wasn´t going to be very significant in my life. It was just to try it but, through different sessions with Joaquín, I discovered how I really was and what I had inside of me. It was like seeing the light. The most important thing regarding the process was learning that everything can be managed by yourself and, also, discovering and being able to change things that you weren´t aware before the sessions. Joaquín helped me with different tools and techniques but, especially, he helped me with the reflection I had after every session. With Joaquín, I felt very good at any moment. Comfortable, not judged and feeling that I could be transparent and clear without fear”.

Arturo A.

“I began having coaching sessions with a goal that, although it was very clear in my mind, I haven´t ever been able to make the necessary efforts to achieve that. For me, the coaching process meant the first time that, with his support, I was able to leave aside all the excuses that were sabotaging myself. He helped me with my objectives showing me that I would only be capable of achieve them if I was totally committed to myself. For that purpose, Joaquín put me in front of my own excuses to confront them. I felt very comfortable with him as a coach during the whole process”.

Ana F.

“The process meant to me saying out loud my thoughts and clarifying myself. Somehow, I had so many doubts and ideas without being able to put all of them together. Working with Joaquín, I could finally organize them and see them with clarity. That was the most important thing to me and what was more helpful to me. I felt very calm and comfortable working with him. As a coach, Joaquín helped me a lot to understand myself and interpret my thoughts”.

María G.

“My coaching process with Joaquín went far beyond my expectations. It not only helped me know myself better regarding what we were working on, but also helped me with everything that was causing me doubts, stress or anxiety. It was a process where, little by little, I discovered what was limiting myself and what I could do to solve it and go beyond myself. It´s true it wasn´t easy to change something I had been doing all my life, but thanks to questions that made me reflect, I started discovering other ways to see each situation and confront it. I felt very comfortable during the whole process due to how Joaquín orientated me. It allowed me knowing myself and finding the answers that, until then, I wasn´t able to find but they were already there. He was a coach and a mentor through the whole process”.

Nieves D.

“I was lost and I found myself back thanks to this great professional. He knew how to teach me those tools that you already have but you don´t know how to use them. Thanks to his knowledge about listening and analyzing, he achieves it on every session. I have no doubt that he will always be one of my greatest and most important supporters. Thank you so much for this wonderful journey, Joaquín”.

Celia G.

“To me this year has been liberating. I began so blocked with low self-esteem and, thanks to you and our sessions, I feel so much happier. Now I know what I want and also what I don´t want. I also know that everything depends on me and that we don´t have to be scared about failure. We all make mistakes, and we learn from those too. I still have a lot to walk in this journey, but I will always thank you for the support I felt from the beginning and also for the advices you gave to me”.

Sara P.

“Thanks to Joaquín I´m beginning to know myself. I started with the coaching process because I felt really lost and that was causing me so much anxiety. I began thinking that the reason of my emotional situation was very clear, thinking that I only needed a boost, but Joaquín knew how to guide me to what I was really worried about. He´s supporting me on my way to achieve my goals. Although the answers are inside of us, feeling supported is very useful and helps you not giving up. That´s why I have so much to thank him”.

Dolly W.

“As a student at a coaching and counselling school, we are required to have at least 5 hours a year of being coached by a professional coach. I therefore put out a post searching for a coach and received quite several responses. Joaquín response caught my eye as in his response he was more interested in helping me achieve my goals and requirements more than the cost I would pay.
Joaquín and I started the coaching sessions in December 2020, and we continued having sessions every 2 weeks from then. That already passed the 5 hours required but after only day 2, I was already seeing a change in me and how I was taking a lead of my life. Joaquín helped me come up with concrete steps to identify my goals and take the steps to achieve them.
I credit Joaquín with many positive changes in my life but, most importantly, I am now a happier, more confident person.
I am so grateful to Joaquín as my coach. I no longer required a coach for my studies, but I continued having Joaquín as my coach and recommended him to my friends and family. I strongly believe he will be a great coach to anyone who is ready to move forward in their life”.

Íñigo T.

“To begin sharing my experience about the coaching process working with Joaquín, I would like to mention that it was really hard for me to accept I needed help. And after knowing it, it continued to be hard for me. Joaquín helped me release myself so much, showing me the way to become aware of what was happening to me and how I could work on it. When I began the process, I didn´t know what was happening to me, why I was feeling like that and what was the origin of everything. Just in a few sessions through the questions he asked me, we began finding the potential origin of everything that was happening to me. Through different tools, I started achieving little objectives to feel better with myself. This process has not been easy because many times there are things within yourself that you don´t want to find out. It forces you to think about aspects that many times we decide to omit in order to avoid confronting them, as doing that is a struggle. For me, that was the most important thing, being able to face who I was and who I am towards being capable of reacting in time or having a different behavior on this matter. Something I really liked was putting the important things of my life into a circle and grading them, because in that moment I became really aware that I wasn´t doing things well, so that I had to work on them. For me, the process has been a success. Joaquín was able to confront me so many times to make me become aware of what was happening to me”.

Irit S.

“Thank you in general, for letting me talk endlessly without judgement, genuinely caring and wanting to understand me, getting to the bottom of things and, most importantly, opening my eyes to self-demandingness. That was a real game changer for me. It really made me understand a lot of things about myself and helped me move forward and accept myself, seeing myself truly and acknowledge my strengths”.

Adrián S.

“I contacted Joaquín with the goal of finding myself in my personal path to become a Coach. I met him due to life circumstances in a “Blablacar” from Madrid to Seville. After 4 hours of trip, knowing each other and knowing him as a Coach (taking a free sample of it during the journey), I decided to save his phone number because I knew that, sooner or later, I would need to contact him. Indeed, one year later, I contacted him to tell him that I made my decision to begin this journey. In one phone call, one session and a follow-up, I got my road map (goal accomplished) and I found a person who gave me space to speak about myself and my objective, guiding me with patience and dedication. He´s a natural person, which is something that shows his huge love for his job and a natural passion for helping me and everyone that needs it”.

Alejandro R.

“I was stuck and frustrated in the professional area of my life, so I decided to begin a coaching process. I had this process with Joaquín. From the first moment, he was always focused on making the most of our sessions so that I could always get something important from every session. Thanks to his great listening skills, he knew how to guide me through every session towards the objective I was looking for, a career that made me feel fulfilled. I hope you give him an opportunity, because he will know how to guide you through the good way and help you achieve your goals”.